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ICEIE is a not-for-profit organisation established to respond to the missing code of practice for certifying “what works” in educational technologies globally.

The ICEIE aims to provide clear evidence of the learning value of educational resources according to a multidimensional impact evaluation framework.

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Schools, districts, procurement teams, parents, and decision-makers want to know which educational technology (EdTech) works best for their children. Various quality questionnaires, badges and certifications, marketing claims, and customer metrics exist to determine the educational value of an EdTech solution.

In response to the absence of a standardized code of practice for certifying educational technologies and the clear demand for such a certification worldwide, we developed a fair, streamlined and standardized approach based on internationally consolidated benchmarks of evidence.

Launched at BETT 2024

The ICEIE certifies educational companies that have evidence of independently produced research with their products.

Examples of certifications and standards included in our efficacy and effectiveness evaluations

The ICEIE emerged from an international research endeavor aimed at aligning diverse ways of documenting evidence and impact in education. It established a system of alignment among various evaluation frameworks, evidence badges, certificates, and research studies based on the weight of evidence.

Our current focus is on the efficacy and effectiveness research of EdTech solutions. Efficacy and effectiveness are two of the five dimensions of impact evaluated by ICEIE for the total score of an EdTech’s impact.

Our Methodology is free to download and explained on our site.The ICEIE team is happy to assist national governments interested in adopting our certification scheme.

The ICEIE Five Categories of Impact®

The 5Es Framework

The 5Es Framework - Efficacy, ​Effectiveness, Ethics, Equity ​and Environment is an ​aspirational framework that ​represents a blueprint for the ​quality standards that the ​EdTech industry should target ​to maintain, or move to,

desired quality.

The ICEIE certification


Each badge is valid for two ​years from the date of its ​issue. Badges may also be ​displayed on selected ​EdTech platforms of our ​partners.

Playful Lined Conceptual Work Process

The certification process

The Framework combines ​evaluation indices, frameworks, ​benchmarks, awards and other ​criteria that signal a demand ​for quality in the industry.The ​first three awardees for the ​effectiveness and efficacy ​categories are Kahoot!, Age of ​Learning and GraphoGame.

The Certification Process

ICEIE is a not-for-profit organization. We certify and re-certify EdTech companies in five areas of educational impact. The company’s overall impact score is a sum of their performance on efficacy, effectiveness, ethics, equity and environmental aspects of impact.

3 Steps - Infographic Template

Select your ​certification ​from one of the ​5Es verticals

Send us ​documentation ​confirming ​certification ​with other ​providers or ​equivalent data

Pay the ​application fee ​and receive your ​ICEIE Badge and ​Certificate

How to get the ICEIE certifcation

Efficacy and Effectiveness Certifications

ICEIE is currently only certifying companies for two of the 5Es verticals: Effectiveness and Efficacy.

The criteria are based on a systematic review of 64 international evaluation frameworks and extensive consultations with the industry. Efficacy refers to studies conducted in controlled environments, with randomized controlled trials as the gold standard, while effectiveness refers to studies conducted in everyday classrooms with attention to replicability, cost-effectiveness and pedagogy.

The criteria were consolidated into an effectiveness and efficacy benchmark at three levels corresponding to Gold, Silver and Bronze. This accompanying academic report explains the consolidation process.

If you don’t have an existing certification but wish to be certified by ICEIE, please ​contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our research partners to review ​your evidence.

If you are a research organisation that can reliably review the evidence of an EdTech organisation, please get in touch. WiKIT AS is our current research partner and we are looking for more.

Certified products

January, 2024, Inaugural awardees for Efficacy and Effectiveness




Effectiveness Silver

Efficacy Gold

Age of Learning

Product: My Math Academy




Efficacy Silver

Certified products in Efficacy and Effectiveness

The awardees’ certificates provide details on the study, research partner and validator for each cerfified product

Reading Horizons

Effectiveness Silver

Efficacy Bronze



Edmentum-Exact Path

Efficacy Silver

Efficacy Silver

Certified products in Efficacy and Effectiveness

The awardees’ certificates provide details on the study, research partner and validator for each cerfified product


Effectiveness Silver

Efficacy Gold



BrainPoP Science

Efficacy Silver

Effectiveness Silver

Little Thinking Minds

Effectiveness Bronze

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Over the course of 2024, ICEIE will be engaging in conversations with researchers, the EdTech industry, funders and policymakers to align the evaluation criteria and ensure international comparability. If you are interested in evidence-based decision making in EdTech, we are keen to hear from you.

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